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This effective self-directed training method gives you complete control and flexibility to benefit from our highly effective program at your own pace, on your own time. 

With a comprehensive library of innovative videos, photos and exercise tutorials at your disposal, you have the freedom to build your workouts and self-care routines. 

Your choice in exercise intensity, difficulty and duration can be matched up appropriately with your athletic goals, fitness level and energy level each day you log into our On-Demand program.

On-Demand athletes are always welcome to add a regular weekly or drop-in Virtual or In-Person Class with us if Training feedback and an inspiring PUSH is desired! Remember……SORE TODAY, STRONG TOMORROW.

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Complete Control + Flexibility To Benefit From Our Highly Effective Program At Your Own Pace, On Your Own Time.
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  • Nora is an amazing dance trainer who played an instrumental role in taking me from a beginner to placing 30th at the World Championships. Her abundance of energy inspires you to keep going even if you think you've got nothing left to give. Darcie and Nora are a great team that will help you reach your full potential.

    Jessie Hebert
    Open Champ Irish Dancer

  • Darcie is not only a great Coach, but also an outstanding human being. I trained with Darcie leading up to professional seasons, the Pan American qualifiers, the Pan American games, and Olympic qualifiers. Everyday she shows up with energy and positivity to make you better and help you achieve your goals. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes tremendous pride in making you a better athlete and is definitely someone you can trust to take your game to the next level to reach your potential.

    Wes Darvill
    LA Dodger / Team Canada / Winnipeg Golden Eyes

  • Drawing on her deep knowledge of anatomy, Nora immediately identified my kids focal weaknesses and used custom-designed strengthening to correct them - starting on day 1 of the training. My kids began training with Nora and Darcie during COVID lockdown, and by the time we were able to return to competing, my irish dance prelim champ was immediately placing in feis' and my equestrian ultimately won reserve champion in a local horse show series. We had tried other fitness trainers but no-one was successful in keeping my dreamy 10-year-old engaged in a fitness class

    Teagan & Piper
    Equestrian & Irish Dancer

  • Darcie has been instrumental in developing my skills as a hockey player and in general fitness. I still remember one of my first classes, thinking I was in great shape...until I had to do balance drills...speed drills...and core. Doing my "bro lifting" sure made me LOOK good but it didn't result in better performance on the ice. After seeing Darcie 3 times a week to work on all those little muscles we bros tend to ignore, I found myself more agile and more explosive on my skates. With Darcie's training I am getting faster and better into my 30's instead of slowly fading away from my glory days.

    Kyle Green
    ASHL Defenseman

  • Nora, whom I have known for over 20 years, reminds me of a high wire act . She is able to perfectly balance work and family, fun with hard work, and flexibility by the book to bring success to everything she does. Her adventuresome spirit and balanced approach to life is what will make her latest venture Excel and Fit&Fab Coaching a huge success.

    Patrick McAndless
    Dad of Retired NPIDA Worlds Dancer Kali

  • What an amazing addition to Alice’s life you and Darcie have been, not only to her physical advancement, but holistically she has developed a strong enthusiasm for her own physical strength and has found mentorship and kindness in you both.

    Alice Lowey
    Prelim Champ Irish Dancer

  • Covid gave me more time to focus on myself. When there's not much to do it pushes me to workout more. When you look at yourself one day and see a whole new person that's when you know all the hard work has paid off

    Leila Koller
    Track, Tennis + General Athletics

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